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How to Set up Incoming Calls When Connected to a SIP Provider

Due to improper connection of the equipment to the SIP provider's server, connection problems can occur, resulting in the system error. For example, when you try to connect, the system often gives the answer: “500 internal server error”. This error is usually corrected through proper specification of the provider’s SIP-address. Connecting a SIP requires care and technical knowledge of the process. In order to properly set up and fix the above error, the addresses of SIP-accounts the destination IP-addresses and numbers provided by your ISP should be specified. After descript instructions, sessions and data on the connected devices are provided, you should allocate codes indicating contacts, Call-ID, and data Asterisk PBX, including server and addresses therein. Next, you should indicate the registrar or a SIP server, registered in the session-target. When switching the SIP-registration, you should request for authentication, using the codec preference 1 g711alaw with digits 2-4. The allow connections sip to sip should also be connected, with and address in trusted list in the voice service VoIP to be specified, without specifying the debug voice translation, debug ccsip messages and other configurations. UC500 should specify the voice service group CCA_SIP_SOURCE_GROUP_EXTERNAL with ACL that contains the address of the SIP-provider. When the last digits issued by the provider to the extensions match, you should set up a Calling Party Transform Mask. Unwanted calls can be the second mistake when SIP is connected and set up improperly. In order to filter the call, the dial-peer should be specified, with the technical prefix to be added. Afterwards, access-list 5 with data on carrier-id, dial-peer, and permission term should be specified several times. Many users are faced with the question of connecting to multiple providers, or one SIP because several different SIP-trunks to make calls via the rout pattern should be installed in the first case. To make calls to the network, SIP-providers provide the Calling Number. In the Route Pattern settings the subscriber numbers should be modified, with all connections to be specified. The call should be checked by calling to the SIP terminal registered in the provider’s network. For more information visit our site
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How do I use a calling card (customer feedback)

Billy Smith say: I use international phone cards AT&T and Continental to call to my parents from the USA to Europe. You know yourself that parents always want to know how you do you do, talk to their grandchildren. Calls without using international calling cards are very expensive and we previously could not afford to talk long and often. Phone cards can make calls from home, the office or other places without the fear that you will make out a large bill for the call, besides that, cost of international calls are much cheaper using prepaid phone cards.

Ted Lincoln say: I work for a large company as chief of material supplies and often there is a need to call, including abroad. In connection with the global financial crisis, we have to think how to reduce the costs of the company for international calls. We decided to try to use prepaid phone cards for calls to other countries. A month later, we counted and found that the costs on international calls fell by 60% for the same amount of telephone calls.

Additional services

sms callSMS Call
After you will send us text SMS message with a phone number on which you wish to call, we will connect you at once.

web callWEB Call
By means of this service you can do calls directly from a site web, without use pin codes and any special install software.

pda callPDA Call
The given service allows to make trunk calls from your PDA which is connected to the internet. PIN code is not required.

cell phone rechargeCell Phone Recharge
By means of the prepaid telephone card you can fill up balance of the mobile phone of any place and at any time.

conference callConference Call
Ability to connect to a joint communication of up to 50 subscribers for the conference.

pc to phone callPC to Phone Call
By means of this service you can make calls on phone of the subscriber directly from the personal computer.

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