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Tata Comm launches single rate calling for Trueroots Customers

30 December 2010

Tata Communications, a communications provider, recently announced a single rate of calling for its Trueroots customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, France and Germany. The offer named as TrueDeal is meant to ensure that Trueroots customers enjoy hassle-free calling when making connections to a variety of destinations.

The single rates thus offered by the company, enables customers in Singapore to call US, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong and UK at 3.9 SG cents per minute; while those in Hong Kong can call US, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and UK at 29.90 HK cents per minute. Similarly, customers in France and Germany will be able to call US, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, India and UK at a rate of 2.9 euro cents per minute.

The company stated that, this service extends voice clarity, easy connectivity and uninterrupted calling, coupled with competitive international calling rates. Users have the option of calling over 200 countries worldwide.

The voice services offered by the company are backed by an extensive global submarine cable infrastructure, which is a part of 80 other consortium and private cables (SEACOM, SE-ME-WE-3, SE-ME-WE-4, SAFE/SAT 3 and APCN etc.), it informed.

Tata Communications owns the Tata Global Network, which includes the TGN Atlantic, TGN Western Europe, TGN Northern Europe, TGN Pacific, TGN Intra Asia, and TGN-India Asia subsea cable systems, all of which allow it to ensure international voice quality for its Trueroots product.

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